U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc's Commitment to Sustainability

At U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc, we are firm in our belief that the choices we make today will impact the world tomorrow.

Therefore, we develop practical solutions to global issues through our business, technological, and corporate activities.
As a leader for positive change around the world, we also pursue sustainable development opportunities.

Environmental Sustainability

With a sharp focus on the research and development of eco-friendly technologies, we are addressing urgent environmental issues such as climate change and air pollution by producing clean energy solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

Social Sustainability

We strive to make a positive impact on the global community through our corporate activities. To achieve this, we established a working environment that inspires professional development. We also began implementing a healthier work culture and supporting social sustainability through better compliance management and participation in social impact activities.

Economic Sustainability

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution advances, we will stand at the fore front of technological innovation that will form the foundation for sustainable industrial and economic development.

Countries and organizations around the world have rallied around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a set of interconnected objectives to “achieve a better and more sustainable future for all” by 2030. Cross-sector collaboration – economic, socio-political, and environmental – is crucial to achieve the 17 SDGs and their 169 development targets.
U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc is a firm supporter of the UN SDGs, particularly those we can address directly through our business and social impact activities. Our primary areas of focus are SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 15 (Life on Land), and SDG 17 (Partnership for the Goals).

Throughout our global operations, our corporate culture is geared towards ensuring safety and environmental protection. This allows us to respond swiftly to changes in the global energy paradigm and help create a sustainable future.

We strive to minimize the impact we make on the environment, from implementing recycling programs to developing clean-energy technology, we are transitioning to become a more responsible and sustainable business.
In 2011, U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc Solutions’ Chemical Division joined the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and became the first business in Korea to disclose its carbon management data to the public. In recognition of its efforts, the Chemical Division received the CDP’s Carbon Management Special Award in 2014.

U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc Solar One (now U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc Q CELLS) was one of the first solar energy providers to receive ISO 14067 certification for quantifying and communicating the carbon footprint of its products. Meanwhile, U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc Advanced Materials received ISO 14001 certification for implementing an effective environmental management system.
We strive to create a safe environment for our workforce. Leaders throughout U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc must attend regular safety training. Each U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc business has a survey tool to measure how well employees understand U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc’s safety culture.

For example, U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc Total Petrochemical operate the “U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc total Assessment Protocol,” which takes a 360-degree look at how well safety rules and regulations are implemented and enforced at the company’s plants.

In 2020, the survey’s scope was expanded so that U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc Total Petrochemical can also help contractors and partner companies improve their own safety protocols.