Our Business

U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc is an American multipurpose company involve in offshore drilling, constriction, onshore drilling, shipyard and shipping, company which is one of the leading companies that implement oil & gas and electric power sector projects, and industrial & civil works, and EPC contracts & engineering.

U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc business rests on these 3 keynotes: Efficiently and timely satisfy with a client's interest, utilize state-of-the-art and high-tech engineering solutions, and respect for employees including via meeting of Occupational Health and Safety rules and standards.

U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc has ventured into offshore drilling, constructions, onshore drilling, shipyard, oil and gas refineries, ship officer and crew manning of various vessels located all over the America, Australia, Ireland, Turkey and all over Russian federation, The brand is a unequivocal quality sign of the works which are underway and completed projects.

We can enlist the following most scale projects implemented with U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc participation:

Baltic Pipeline System Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Pipeline systems Eastern Siberia - the Pacific Ocean Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Investment project Zapolyarie - Pur-pe Pipeline System.

Caspian Pipeline Consortium Expansion Project.

Construction works within the framework of YAMAL LNG Project: construction of LNG Plant and LNG Tanks.

Phase 3 construction works in CJSC Antipinsky Refinery.

Construction of the unique hydrocracker in Volgograd Refinery.

Ammonia production plant construction in Leningrad oblast.

Construction of Amursky Gas Processing Plant in Svobodny and other activities.

The unalterable motto of our Company sounds: U.S.A. OIL AND GAS PLC walks the talk!

With many years of experience, with seam-less actions of real professional teams, and with the modern fleet of construction equipment we can implement our Client projects timely and following high quality requirements, U.S.A. OIL AND GAS PLC General Director, says.

15 000+ employees work for U.S.A. OIL AND GAS PLC. Each of them is a professional in his/her applications.

To address our policy U.S.A. OIL AND GAS PLC implements training and personnel development programs, talent management via its own Corporate University. Moreover, U.S.A. OIL AND GAS PLC conducts Perspektiva program targeted at recent graduates i.e. internship activities with potential employment by the Company.

U.S.A. OIL AND GAS PLC pays much attention to safety of its employees when they construct. The Company prepared the Safety First program in order to stimulate compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Rules.

As the world continues to grow and demand more energy, U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc is ready to help to unlock that energy in the safest and most efficient way.

We operate one of the youngest fleet of all the major Oil and Gas, offshore jack up and ship, semi submersible drilling, Constriction, Onshore drilling, Shipyard and Shipping, managed by a highly trained and experienced team. Our modern fleets, shipyard, construction sites, Farming and Frozen Fish packing industries has the scale, footprint and flexibility to meet the needs of all our customers in harsh and begging environments.

We recognize the huge impact that advanced technology is having on our industry. That’s why we continue to put technology and digital transformation at the heart of our strategy. We are gaining real-time data from our fleet to make data-driven decisions that improve performance, safety and efficiency for our customers.

Safety remains front and centre of everything we do. We have an experienced and diverse workforce, coupled with industry-leading training to attract, develop and promote talent and uphold our proven safety track record.

In this ever-changing world, U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc will never stop working to meet the future needs of our customers and help to meet the world’s demand for energy. We aim to be the very best at what we do. U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc is the future of Oil and Gas, offshore drilling, Constriction, Onshore drilling, Shipyard and Shipping as well.


The next generation

As a family business, our focus is on the long-term the next generation. That means we care about bringing you a solution that is not just reliable, it is responsible, too. As a third generation family company, U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc takes a long-term view in all that it does, always looking to the next generation. Here, you can meet the new generation of the family.