Organizational Structure


U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc is organized by asset class Harsh Environment, Jack-Ups and Floaters to provide a specialist, coordinated and cohesive service across all regions that we operate.

By having a standard approach to our operations, we will be able to provide a better service to our customers - this structure gives us greater transparency and leadership focus within each asset class and will also improve our ability to benchmark how each of these classes is performing.


2007 when the company was established, full-scale corrosion protection treatment of structural steel was the major business direction. When U.S.A.OIL AND GAS PLC started providing of services for installation and welding works in construction of oil pipelines and piping. when the Company commenced implementation of integrated Oil & Gas construction projects.

2008 when U.S.A.OIL AND GAS PLC switched to rendering of full-service works as for implementation of Oil & Gas construction projects starting from designing and up to commissioning of the project facilities. The biggest Eastern Siberia - the Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline project started.

2009 when U.S.A.OIL AND GAS PLC began construction works in full-scale power sector projects and executed the first EPC contract.

2010 when for the first time the Company commenced civil work.

2011 when U.S.A.OIL AND GAS PLC began construction works in oil refining sector. Phase 3 Antipinsky Refinery construction was the first biggest project.

2012 when the Company business directions started industrial construction works. Gold mining facilities PAVLIK GOK was one of the biggest construction projects.

2013 when pursuant to Decree by the Russian Federation President U.S.A.OIL AND GAS PLC was awarded with Order of Friendship, an honorable state decoration, for the vast contribution into construction of Phase 1 Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean and for development of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Republic of Croatia.

2014 when we broke through in tank construction works. On site of YAMAL LNG project U.S.A.OIL AND GAS PLC was for the first time ever to construct some unique facilities in Russia i.e. the tanks while each can hold 160 000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas.

2015 when the Company started construction of the unique special crossing of the overhead power line 110 000V over the Angara River.

2016 during St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Eurochem, Maire Tecnimont and U.S.A.OIL AND GAS PLC executed the construction agreement for a new ammonia production plant in Leningrad region. This agreement has been signed at the presence of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

2017 the Company signed a contract for the construction and installation of cryogenic gas separation units of the Amursky Gas Processing Plant. Amursky GPP is one of the largest natural gas processing facilities in the world.

2017 U.S.A.OIL AND GAS PLC, finished the construction of tanks and Train No 1 of liquefied natural gas plant, and in December Vladimir Putin witnessed the ceremonious loading of the first batch of liquefied natural gas.