Health & Safety

Health and Safety has been at the heart of U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc since the very first day the company commenced operations in the Mediterranean. And we are proud of our HSE track record and our achievements!

In November 2020, SembCorp Marine’s Admiralty Yard was awarded a Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects (“SHARP”) for Safety Excellence for U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc's Karish Project. The project has completed 5.5 million-man hours with no LTIs in Singapore so far.

Earlier in 2020, 12 million man-hours with no lost Time Injuries (LTI) were completed in the Karish Development Project in total, namely in the "U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc Power" FPSO construction in Ireland, America and other sites, the offshore drilling campaign in Turkey and U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc sites in Russia as offshore installations well.

Moreover, 2 million man hours free of LTI's have been completed in U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc sites in Turkey and Russia and are establishing our projects at Europe and Asian countries.

Zero work related illnesses were suffered during 2019. We take all necessary steps to ensure the health of our personnel.
An annual health programmer is implemented for all employees, to assure on the one hand there is no impact suffered related to their work and on the other hand that they maintain the highest level of health.
All employees and contractors hold medical fitness certificates relevant to the requirements of their position.
We apply a systematic process for the selection and management of suppliers and contractors achieving during 2019 Contractors’ Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) of 0.28 and Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) of 0.84.
Employees’ and Contractors’ Key Performance Indicators related to injuries have significantly improved during the last years creating descending Lost Time Injury Frequency and Total Recordable Injury Rate tread lines.

Health & Safety leading and Lagging Indicators are formally monitored to inform us on the necessity of potential corrective actions.
Leading Indicators monitored include Leadership Visits, Managerial Walk-troughs, HSE Audits, Hazard Identification (HAZID) Observations, Drills & Exercises (more than 1000, 150, 2500, 22000 and 650 respectively during 2019 in all sites working for U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc).

Lagging Indicators monitored include Man-hours worked, Number of Lost Time Injuries (LTI), Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF), Number of Total Recordable Injuries (TRI), Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) and Fatal Accident Rate (FAR), (14.3MM, 4, 0.28, 12, 0.84 and 0 respectively during 2019 in all sites working for U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc).

Our Health & Safety Management System is based on an iterative process founded on the concept of a classic ‘Plan-Do-Assess-Adjust’ cycle and comprising three distinct tiers of documents; tier I, H&S MS and H&S Policies; tier II, H&S standards, procedures and guidelines; tier II, method statements, records of compliance’
Our Health & Safety Management System is regularly reviewed and forms an integral part of our corporate management procedures providing all necessary means for achieving the highest H&S performance.
U.S.A. Oil And Gas Plc has developed and implements a Health Safety Environmental (HSE) & Social Responsibility (SR) policy that sets out corporate values, standards and expectations with respect to all HSE & SR matters in relation to company’s employees, partners, stakeholders, general public, environment and sustainable development.


U.S.A. Oil and Gas Plc installations have a dedicated team of kitchen staff who prepare food around the clock. Often with a self-service style Galley. Despite the all locations, fresh food is shipped in regularly, as the fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Frozen Food, Containers are shipped to the installation once in seven days, and the dry provisions and housekeeping food container with additional container fresh vegetables, Fruits, Frozen Fish and Meats, assorted soft drinks, are shipped by OSV once in fourteen days, the catering department keeps 21 days buffer stock to maintain sufficient stock on board without any shortage of dry provisions and Housekeeping materials, meaning you'll have plenty of access to frozen meat, Fish, dry and fresh vegetables and fruits.

The food for the Officers and Crew are self service from the bain-marie Food Counter, with verities of vegetables and non-vegetables, with desserts, Ice cream dinning at the mess room. For the expats (Foreigners) are served with continental breakfast and meals.
Laundry washing is provided through the years with skilled laundry man with washing and ironing facilities collection of working and civil clothes on board which are cost free.
Every installation maintains strict health and safety rules, brought in after the Piper Alpha fire in the 1980’s, now restrict fishing.